September 4, 2019   |   organization , tips

Stay on Track During the Busy Season

As the summer comes to a close, and the busiest time of the year quickly approaches, we have one key piece of advice for those heading back to school, those in anticipation of the holiday rush, or others who are wondering how on earth they will get through it all, - organize, organize, organize! Check out our three favorite ways to stay on track during the busiest time of the year!

Set Daily or Weekly Goals

A great way to tackle a busy day or week is to break down your goals for a particular time frame. Here at Life & Home, we are big fans of setting short term goals. Having short term goals allow you to focus on the immediate future and can help curve procrastination. We have found that setting short term goals in daily or weekly timespans, in conjunction with updating your calendar, works well in terms of managing time. One way to do this is to set a To-do list! To-do lists are not only a great way to organize tasks, but it can serve as a beneficial tool to prioritize what is going on in all facets of your life. Tasks can be broken down from most to least critical based on time or personal importance.

In our August blog post, we talked about prepping for the school year with meal prepping and delegating tasks where you can. You can find that post with more information and a few different tips here.

Begin Your Holiday Shopping in the Fall

Avoiding the holiday rush and having your thoughtful gifts for your loved ones lined up as the holiday season approaches can be a time, energy, and stress saver! Look out for extended Labor Day sales this month or begin gathering ideas for gifts during this time to avoid the headaches later! 

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Have Quality "Me" Time

Let's face it, with home, work, school life, and so much going on in between; life can feel overwhelming, at times! A great way to decompress and bring upon more balance is to take some time each day for your enjoyment or personal development. We like to go back to what makes us feel good - what makes us feel grateful for being alive! What is it for you? Is it reading or exercising? Binge-watching a favorite show, or writing in a personal journal? Is it spending time with loved ones? Whatever it is, make appreciating yourself a priority. Remember, balance is KEY! You can find some of our favorite products to help us relax and destress here.

This time of year it is important to focus on yourself and the things that you find important. Stay ahead and don't let the stress of work, school, the holidays, etc. get the best of you.