Black Lives Matter

We stand with the Black Lives Matter movement, the Black community, the Indigenous community, and all people of color to end racism today and every day. We at Life and Home have been taking the time to have the tough conversations, to listen, to learn, grow, and educate one another. As a company, are growing and striving to do better. We are here and we are committed to our BIPOC colleagues and customers.

We are a business with a diverse community that values its employees of color, so keeping the momentum of the Black Lives Matter movement moving forward is extremely important to us. Therefore, we embrace the need and strive, to give everyone access to the same opportunities. We do this through inclusive guest experiences, inclusive work environments, workforce diversity, and societal impact.

The focus of this phase of our journey of growth is on listening and learning. Why? The systems that we intend to influence for good are complex and long-standing. Without taking the steps of listening and learning we will rush into action, miss opportunities, and waste both time and energy. If we do that then we will fail to achieve our goal to help replace the structures of systemic racism and build in their place frameworks of equality and justice that solidify our commitment to the belief that without question, Black Lives Matter.  

We will continue to make donations, sign petitions, share our stories and yours, and educate ourselves and others. We will also continue to make sure that our work environment is safe for all who join our team.

We stand with you, we stand for you.