August is here and that means two things; summer is almost over and school will soon be in session. There are a few different categories kids typically fall into when it comes to summer ending and school starting. There are the kids who love summer and completely dread the thought of having to start a new school year. Then there are the kids who get a couple of weeks into summer vacation and they are bored so they welcome the new school year and all the change to come. Of course, we can’t forget those who just love school and the whole idea of a new school year is what gets them through the summer. Whatever category you or your kids may fall into we are here to help the transition from summer fun to the grind of a new school year as painless as possible. 

The Supplies List
Whether you’re a mom, teacher, or student yourself you know about the supplies list. A long list of items you or your child will need to make it through the next 8 or so months. This list usually includes the infamous Ticonderoga pencils, folders (sometimes an assortment of colors are required), highlighters, post-it notes, notebooks, locks for lockers, and so.much.more! We’ve made things easier on you by creating an entire collection of things you might need to get for the school year, you can shop it here. A couple of things to note about this collection is that for starts you can get 10% off your purchase if it's over $35, some items have free shipping AND if you shop through Rakuten you can get 5% cashback and you can see all of the other deals we have going on currently. 


 Preparation & Delegation

After the list is taken care of it’s time to get back into gear. This time of year is arguably the most hectic. Going from the relaxing days of summer to school, soccer practice, football practice, dance class, fundraisers, and more it’s just insane. The best advice we can give is to prep and delegate. It’s truly is easy to become overwhelmed this time of year with everything going on, so it’s important to not leave everything solely up to you. Make little changes wherever you can...carpools for practices, have your kids help you pack lunches and do it the night before, meal prep over the weekend for dinners, and our favorite rule is everyone helps with homework. If you’re a student yourself these rules apply to you too but focus more on preparation. Meal prepping will be your best friend here is a link to one of our go-tos for some easy meal prepping. When you know your schedule for classes and extracurriculars put together a calendar with everything. Use this to find the right time for you to study, do homework, eat, and maybe even relax. We know scheduling things like eating and relazing sounds...insane, but this will help you to avoid those days of getting to 4pm and realizing you’ve eaten nothing all day. If you live with roommates you can have schedules for things like cleaning, grocery shopping, and meals. 

The Fun Stuff

The absolute most important part of a new school year is to remember to have fun! A new school means tons of NEW. Find joy in getting your new school supplies and if you can take some time to get rid of all the old stuff. You can use this as a time to try out new meals from on the go breakfasts and snacks to bagged lunches and sit down dinners. Really savor your weekends, don’t spend them laying around dreading the new week to come, spend this time enjoying activities like Saturday morning soccer games, apple picking, family dinners or special breakfasts on Sundays. The opportunities to truly enjoy your weekends are endless. 

When it comes down to it a new school year is a new beginning so go with the flow and don’t sweat the small stuff. You’ve got this!