Terro T2401 Multi-Purpose Insect Bait Granules 2 Lbs

buy insect traps & baits at cheap rate in bulk. wholesale & retail office pest control items store.
buy insect traps & baits at cheap rate in bulk. wholesale & retail office pest control items store.
Safely and effectively eliminate unwanted insects with this ready-to-use, weather-resistant granular bait.
SKU: 42712832
MFG: T2401
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Dealing with ant and pest infestations can be a chore for any homeowner; TERRO® Multi-Purpose Insect Bait makes it easy to keep insects at bay.  In addition to eliminating ants, the multi-purpose bait kills other common pests such as cockroaches, cricket, snails and slugs — giving consumers extra value with each application.  The insect bait is not harmful to beneficial insects such ladybugs and butterflies.


Packaged in a convenient shaker canister, the insect bait granules can be used to cover broad outdoor areas.  And better yet, TERRO® Multi-Purpose Insect Bait is weather-resistant so it won’t break down when exposed to sunlight, heat and rain, providing homeowners with long-lasting protection.


How it Works to Eliminate Ants

Ants are drawn to the sweet ingredients in TERRO® Multi-Purpose Insect Bait.  The bait, which is borate-based and formulated with a concern for the environment, has a delayed effect on ants, allowing time for them to eat it, carry it to back to the colony and share it.  This slow kill allows time for the foraging ants to make several trips to the bait and deliver enough of it to eradicate the entire colony.


Where to Use To control ants, including carpenter ants, treat exterior perimeter areas around home in a band two to four feet wide at a rate of six oz. per 100 square ft. The insect bait should also be applied in a two to four foot band around trees, stumps, firewood piles and other locations where carpenter ants may nest. If the nest is located in a hollow tree or stump, apply the product directly into the cavity.  Apply along ant trails and in areas where ant activity has been noted.


To control and kill snails and slugs in flower gardens and around ornamentals, groundcover and shrubs, apply TERRO® Multi-Purpose Insect Bait at the beginning of the spring planting season before damage occurs.  It is best to apply the bait in areas likely to be infested during early morning or evening when snails and slugs are present and eating.  Reapply every four weeks for satisfactory control. 



  • 2 pounds
  • Kills entire colonies of outdoor ants (except fire ants), cockroaches, crickets, earwigs, silverfish, snails and slugs
  • Long-lasting, weather-resistant granules
  • Convenient, easy-to-use shaker canister
  • Contains orthoboric acid (5.0%) and other ingredients (95.0%) 
  • Children and pets may enter the treatment area immediately after application


MFR: T2401
SKU: 42712832
UPC: 070923024018
Brand: Terro