March 30, 2022

Beautiful Decor Items to Adorn Your Spring Lawn

The blossoming of daffodils and crocuses celebrate the end of the long winters and mark the beginning of the spring season. While many people are excited to head outdoors to vacation, gardening enthusiasts are preparing to foster a great lawn to enjoy a fresh harvest for the rest of the year. While your lawn is greening up, it is also a good idea to decorate it & transform its look and feel. 

We share simple and versatile spring lawn decoration ideas to spruce up your backyard in beautiful ways. Whether you are looking to refresh your front yard landscape or revamp your garden design, you will find just the right product ideas to enliven your lawn and garden space.

  • Park Benches

  • A bench gives your garden a warm and welcoming feel. Especially if you are a person who likes sitting back and lounging in your backyard, adding a bench is a good idea. Buy it here You can add soft, colorful cushions to create a pleasant atmosphere. Alternatively, you can also consider flipping a side table. If you have an oversized bucket lying around, simply plop it down in your favorite corner and use it as a table to hold a drink or display your favorite flowers.


  • Solar Garden Stake

  • The right lighting plan is a vital aspect of a good garden design. And what better than a solar garden stake? Life and Home’s solar garden stakes are a great way to illuminate your garden without worrying about the electricity bills. Click to shop. 


  • Jar Hanging Lantern

  • Add an exotic character to your garden with Jar Hanging Lanterns. Don’t let your alfresco living stop at sunset. Place one or more jar hanging lanterns around your cute garden side table and enjoy your evening soup over a hearty conversation with your loved one.


  • BirdHouse

  • Want to decorate your garden and lure your feathered friends into your garden at the same time? You cannot go wrong with a birdhouse. 

    Here’s a pro tip - Birdhouses with small openings help attract birds and make them feel right at home and protected. Check out Life and Home’s variety of birdhouse collections here.


  • Spot Lights

  • When it comes to transforming your garden into a stunning space, spotlights are a creative mind’s secret weapon. It gives your garden’s brightness levels a boost during the nighttime. These low-level lights are usually placed on the ground level to cast an upward flowing illumination, accentuating any statement feature you want to highlight. 

    Loved these suggestions? Don’t think twice before grabbing these value buys. Shop from a wide assortment of garden decor items from Life and Home and craft the outdoor oasis of your dreams.